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Star Wars Cardboard Cutouts

January 23rd, 2015 by

Star Wars Cardboard Cutouts

Prior to George Lucas signing on with 20th Century Fox for the production and release of the original Star Wars film, Lucas had the foresight to secure rights for all merchandise related to the film – Fox executives neglected to see the full potential of film to develop tie-in products at the time. Thus, Lucas has amassed much of his personal fortune through negotiating licensing deals to provide us with the massive range of merchandise available to the market today.

Since the initial 1997 pre-order commitment of Kenner to deliver the first four Star Wars action figures, the public’s demand for collectables has always been overwhelming. From the Star Wars Expanded Universe novelizations & comics, a full range of costumes and apparel, home goods such as mugs and cookie jars, a long list of critically acclaimed video & computer games, co-branded Lego sets, and countless other officially licensed Star Wars products, for those who want to bring one of their favorite characters from the cast to full-size life, the Star Wars cardboard cutouts have become absolutely indispensable.


Throughout the years, it has always been a mark of true, unabashed fans to have one of the Star Wars life size cardboard cutouts on display, be it the classic pose of Han Solo ducking and taking aim with his signature DL-44 heavy blaster, Princess Leia’s most risque outing in Slave Girl attire from atop Jabba the Hutt’s Sail Barge, or just Darth Vader and Chewbacca looming large over everyone else in the room when they enter. A new cut-out is always an valued addition for any true Star Wars fan with an avowed and unabashed interest in sharing their enjoyment of the Star Wars Universe with others. The range of characters offered has grown to match the demand of fans, and dozens are now available to all.



What is the Raw Foods Diet?

December 29th, 2014 by

Raw Food Recipes

Is coffee the first thing in your body each morning? Do you rely on it to wake you up and jump start your day? What do you reach for you need to stay focused and alert? More coffee or maybe sugar filled energy drinks? These are quick fix solutions that tax your adrenal glands, throw your blood sugar for a loop, and leave you feeling far less energetic when you come down. What if you could have that energy and focus without putting your body through wringer?

raw food recipes

The best way to have consistent energy from the moment you wake, is to eat a diet comprised of primarily fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are living and are a more direct, clean source of energy for your body. Learning the techniques use in raw cuisine, you can find shockingly delicious ways to cut out the dead, low energy foods from animals and replace them (at least most of the time) with foods that offer a STEADY, reliable source of energy. You can learn the art of raw cuisine and give your body a two week vacation from the Standard American Diet you’ve probably been fed your whole life with this on line raw food course.

You will see that the two week program is offered by a raw food chef and nutrition educator who has created DAILY videos to guide you through learning raw foods.

But the real reason you reach for coffee or a quick buzz, is because you can’t wait for the results an over all healthy raw food diet offers. So here is s sneak peak at the foods used create a better buzz for your body…

* Raw Cacao
* Maca
* Acai

In the Rocking Body Raw Food program you’ll learn the best raw food recipes and how to incorporate Superfoods in delicious ways to have sustained energy without taxing your body’s sensitive systems. Keep the balance, have the energy, and enjoy the side effects of eating a raw food diet; glowing skin, shinny hair, and a Rocking Body.

About the author:
 Joy Houston is one of the leaders in bringing raw food nutrition to mainstream eaters. She is a certified educator in the benefits of raw food nutrition and a raw food chef that has made raw cuisine and raw food recipes accessible through on line classes. She is the author of two books; The Delicious Revolution and Rocking Body Raw Food. To learn more about her inspiring raw foods story click and get a free PDF recipe book, http://bestrawfoodrecipes.org/

Krill Oil

December 11th, 2014 by

Krill Oil

Krill is a tiny shrimp like creature that lives in the Antarctic sea. Who would have thought that this tiny creature can prevent heart disease?

There are billions of krill in the Antarctic sea and there are 85 species of krill, but the Neptune krill is the one used for heart prevention studies. Study shows that the krill oil contains significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. It contains less EPA and DHA than fish oil but study showed that it is more effective in a short period of time. The researchers have a theory that the unique molecular structure of the oil is the reason behind its potent effect.

Other than omega-3 EPA and DHA, this oil also contains phospholipids, which is essential for building of cell membrane, and antioxidants, like astaxanthin, lutein, and lycopene. Krill-oil-may-benefit-brain-health-ease-depression-symptoms-Animal-data_strict_xxl

So how those this marine oil prevents heart disease? It lowers the triglycerides in our body. Triglycerides are fat in our blood. High levels of triglycerides will increase the risk of heart disease. Based on the study, this type of oil is very effective in decreasing cardiovascular risk factor. It works more effectively and well absorbed than fish oil.

Canadian researchers studied the effectiveness and krill oil vs fish oil. The 12 week study involved 120 men and women from age 25 to 75. They tested both oils on high lipid levels and it showed that the oil from krill is more effective in decreasing LDL cholesterol (bad) and triglycerides while increasing the amount of HDL cholesterol (good). A dose of 1 to 1.5 grams of oil from krill is more effective in dedreasing LDL cholesterol and triglycerides than 3 grams fish oil. In a higher dosage (3 grams), it also decreases blood triglycerides while fish oil does not.

Preventing the risk of heart disease is just one of the benefits we get from this oil supplement from krill. It does not just lower your triglycerides; it also benefits your health on a bigger picture. It is proven to benefit your brain by slowing memory lose and improve conditions on ADHD. It is also an essential in treating inflammatory conditions like arthritis and pain, depression, and much more.



Getting Rid Of Cable TV

December 11th, 2014 by

Getting Rid Of Cable TV

People get rid of cable probably because their prices continue to increase and poor cable customer service. Change of lifestyle as contributes to people not using the cable because they want to experience new technology. Every time you wish getting rid of cable tvto cut the cord you need to be careful with the options that you take into consideration

Cord cutter as cable alternative for programming through a variety of choices, like the type of TV you are using, either analog or digital determines the equipment you will buy. H D television is used by the people who are interested in receiving few local channels. You can buy an H D antenna, which changes the digital signals used by media networks to analog signal that the analog TV can use. If you want to receive your local channels and you have an H D TV, you can purchase an H D antenna. Through this, you can be able to watch the old programs, movies, and digital local channels.

You can also get programs using internet connections, and you can watch from the smart phones, laptop, and tablet. For you to watch movies and other programs on the TV, you need a TV that as the internet or any other device, such as a console gaming that picks up wireless internet connections. Example if you can afford a play station the console can take the internet to your television comfortably. Xbox and play station give the end consumer the chance for accessing Netflix and other services. You can also use devices such as Roku three, which provides many models such as WI-FI and it is very fast compared to other models. There is also apple TV or Google chrome cast which offers channel stores that consist a lot of channels such as Amazon cloud player, Pandora, and Huru plus that you can browse and watch.


You Don’t Need Cable TV There Are Alternatives

December 11th, 2014 by

Find Alternatives To TV Other Than Cable

With the ever growing availability of high speed internet, paying a separate bill for television is going out the window. Many companies are creating alternatives to satellite or cable to cater to ever growing demand of people wanting to get away from the ridiculous prices of over-the-cable TV providers, so here’s a few cable TV alternatives.


The switch over to digital made it difficult for many old fashion antennas to pick up programming, but the tech has kept up with the times. There are many different kinds of flat antenna that can pick up HD content from broadcasters as far as fifty miles away, and on the plus side, these require no internet connection to pick up local channels.

TV sticks

The TV stick or dongle is a small device, much like a USB, that connects to your TV or computer’s HDMI port and uses Wi-Fi to stream movies, videos, and various other content at much lower prices than typical cable or satellite television. They work much like typical satellite television, but have much connectivity to web based media. cable tv alternatives

Streaming services

Several companies have begun to have monthly pay web streaming services for shows, the most notable of these is, of course, Netflix. These are simple to setup and easy to use programs for anyone that’s a little tech savvy. With the easy access and availability, these services are a good option for anyone with a decent internet connection and an extra five dollars a month.

Free Internet TV

There are several sites dedicated to streaming shows for free online, while they usually are covered in ads, it’s a small price to pay versus a satellite TV bill. Unlike the other ways, this can take some work to find the show that you’re after, but with a small amount of work and a good internet connection, you can easily find what you’re after online.


Cable TV Alternatives for Your Health

December 11th, 2014 by

Cable TV Alternatives

Owing to the rising costs, deteriorating customer service and even service delivery, a good number of people would love to cut the cable and get a new way to watch their favorite programs. However, this is hampered by the fact that they are not aware of some to the alternatives to cable TV that they can use. The good news is that there are actually a few that people can use even though they might not be able to completely do away with the cable, they might do enough to cut the costs and incompetence that comes with the cable TV platform.

A Digital Antenna.

Remember back in the day when al you needed was an Antenna and you would be able to watch network television for free? If you were not aware, those channels are still available and with the help of an antenna, you can be able to get over your cable and enjoy hustle free entertainment at no extra cost whatsoever. The best part is that the digital antennas are cheap and easy to install so you will not need to have a substitute for the cable guy.

Set top Box.

Another cable TV alternatives that you can use is a set top box which is ideal if you would like to get some of the on-demand content. You may have to invest on these but you can rest guaranteed that the variety of content and efficiency that they bring to the table will make cutting the code so much easier with no pain whatsoever. The set top boxes connect to the internet through an Ethernet connection of Wi-Fi then to your TV through a HDMI cable. You may require a monthly subscription depending on the content that you want to view.  sling box


A more cunning way to cut the cord would be to use a slingbox. These have been around for ages and allow you to beam TV signals over the internet to your TV, Laptop and even tablet. They are an ingenious way of making sure you don’t have to deal with cable or even pay for it.


Blood Pressure Medication List

December 11th, 2014 by

Blood Pressure Medication List

blood pressure medicines Heart disease is a condition that affects your heart. This is a condition that is associated with blood vessel related diseases such as; coronary artery, arrhythmias (heart rhythm problems), and congenital heart defects. In addition cardiovascular disease is closely related to heart disease, therefore, it is generally referred to- conditions that block or narrow blood vessels, hence it winds up causing chest pains, stroke or even heart attack. Other conditions, particularly valves, heart muscles, rhythm etc are considered as heart problems, however, these diseases can be treated or even better, prevented buy a turn of a new leaf. Taking the right turn in living a healthy life is the major way of coping with the condition. Other ways include;
*Smoking- chemicals that are associated with smoking tobacco are among the reasons that cause heart and blood vessel related problems that lead to atherosclerosis furthermore heart attack.

*Exercise, & Healthy diet- daily exercise can greatly reduce your chances of being diagnosed with a fatal heart disease. Combining these kind of measures with a healthy diet plus maintaining reasonable weight will sure give you good results.

*Quality sleep- sleeping is as important to as everything else. Sleep deprivation is as harmful to your body the same way as tobacco. People who do not get enough sleep are most prone to get obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, and depression.

*Regular check ups- High levels of cholesterol in a body, and high blood pressure can surely damage your blood vessels and heart. These check ups are important because they will tell you if you have the forenamed conditions hence you will know whether you will take action or not. It is important to take these tests since you might not know if you have them, especially blood pressure. Blood pressure is known to be a silent killer, and without a proper blood pressure medication list, you might be at a risk of contracting these fatal heart condition.



Heart Disease Prevention

December 11th, 2014 by

Heart Disease Prevention

Heart disease prevention is a profound step one needs to undertake in a bid to save life. According medical experts dealing with heart diseases, it has been found that cardiovascular disease is one of the fatal diseases across the globe. Therefore, in preventing heart disease, it is imperative to understand its risks as well as treatment options.

  1. know the risks involved

as it works, one of the common influential risk factors for heart disease is one’s age. For instance, the one becomes, the greater the chances of risking. Another aspect in line with risk is the generic make-up. People tend to be much agitated by the technological progresses when it comes to genomics research. So, it is important to acknowledge your roots.

  1. shun smoking or exposing to second-hand smoking at all costs no smoking

this is also a remedy that will help you stay free from heart diseases. It is undoubtedly true that exposure to second hand cigarette smoke and/or directly smoking cigarettes increases a person’s chances of contracting cardiovascular disease. Besides this, it comes a long with lung diseases, stroke and vascular disease.

  1. blood pressure maintenance

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is yet another tip that can help you stay away from heart disease. High blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension is a silent killer’ whose signs and symptoms would never be easily detected in a person, but causes tear and wear of the blood vessels’ inner lining of an individual.

  1. Monitor your blood lipids

Finally, monitoring of the blood lipids is equally a positive step that would help one stay healthy and free from heart diseases. Also known as cholesterol, blood lipids contribute to a disease called cardiovascular. These include bad cholesterol and the good cholesterol. This vehemently depends on a number of factors such as the capacity that the liver produces, amount of blood that is absorbed from your intestinal tract and age. It is important to note that cholesterol increases with age.